Feeder industry enters high-end development mode .


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Feeder industry enters high-end development mode .

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With the domestic hardware, LED bracket, automotive sheet metal, USB port and other hardware manufacturing industries entering the climax of growth...

With the domestic hardware. LED bracket, automotive sheet metal, USB port and other hardware manufacturing industries entering the climax of growth. the domestic feeder market has expanded rapidly. The trend of high-end and large-scale feeders has become an irreversible fact. In addition, through the coordination of production and sales, guaranteeing the fulfillment of contracts. realizing the timely delivery of products, establishing maintenance outlets overseas, increasing the after-sales service of exported products, increasing the recognition of overseas customers, and constantly improving the after-sales process. Services directly boost market share  .


In the sub-industry of the press industry, the feeder industry recently ranked China's top ten companies in the list, China took the second place, of which Huayu Machinery, the largest press peripheral company in China, ranked fifth, such a performance can not help but People's eyes are bright, and the domestic feeder industry will play an increasingly important role on the world stage.


Although China has now become the world's largest feeder market and the largest exporter of small tonnage feeders. the competitiveness of ultra-large tonnage is still insufficient. NC CNC feeders, three-in-one feeders and clip feeders are still obstacles to development. . High-speed, high-precision technological breakthroughs are expected to be based on large domestic companies with strong technical strength. Because high-speed products are technology-oriented, small and medium-sized enterprises are likely to lack technical precipitation and financial support.


Four companies in the first square matrix of roller feeder manufacturers have achieved good technological breakthroughs. From the perspective of scale alone, feeders have a larger market share. Therefore, for the four companies in the first echelon, internal and external repairs are more important, Not only must they face fierce competition from the domestic market, but also To face the technical competition of international companies, to a certain extent, the share of overseas markets is the decisive factor for the future development of companies around the punch.


"At present, the market segmentation has begun to appear, and refinement is the key direction for the future development of the company." Luo Baihui, CEO of Sheet Metal Stamping Network, a subsidiary of Jinmo.com, believes that according to customer needs, we provide specialized products to customers in different fields, to the greatest extent. Meeting their special needs has become an important part of the development of most brand companies. Not only is the lifting industry changing towards a customer-centric marketing concept, the entire industry surrounding the press is constantly improving its sales concept and changing its development model.