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(SPL) Precision Straightener

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    • Commodity name: (SPL) Precision Straightener
    • Commodity ID: 1118540881335046144


    1.Suit for precision electric products like computer connector,EI industry, IC lead frame.

    2.All rollers using bearing steel (SUJ2) with heat treatment to hardness over HRC60° then chromium-plating and fine ground surface for high hardness, low wear to extend lifetime.

    3.Equipped with auto cycle oil feeding system can adjust to suit material speed. Gear system is forced lubricate to reduce wear for extend lifetime and can operate under high temperature for long time.

    4.Each straighten roller transmits independent and synchronous well to improve material straight effect by eliminating accumulated tolerance of gears transmitting.

    5.Equipped extra independent guide roller after straighten rollers. It can adjust material bending direction according to customer demand.

    6.Equipped extra support rollers to support straighten rollers to prevents straighten roller inflection during heavy duty and improve the straighten force, straighten effect and extend roller’s lifetime.

    7.Easy to clean all rollers by simply raise upper roller set.

  • Model SPL-100 SPL-150
    Max. material width(mm) 100 150
    Material thickness(mm) 0.1 ~ 1.0 0.1 ~ 1.0
    Straighten roller(mm) Ø 12 x 21 (Upper10/Lower11)
    Straighten speed(m/min) 20 ( Inverter ) 
    Straighten motor 1HP, 220VAC
    Sensor Touch or Optical Sensor