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(GF-906N/GF-1512N) Gripper Feeder

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    • Commodity name: (GF-906N/GF-1512N) Gripper Feeder
    • Commodity ID: 1118540848707555328

    Gripper feeder

    Suitable for high speed and high precision feeding.

    SPM 1200 available

    Gripper feeder(Multi Material)

    Suitable for material with different thickness and variant width

    SPM 1200 available



    1.Suitable for high speed stamping and precise feeding press work. (Max feed 1,200 times/min)

    2.Noiseless during operation.

    3.No press track left on the material surface, enable plating material, aluminum alloy, stainless, copper, steel and secondary machining factory have their perfect stamping parts.

    4.Use graduation adjustment, easy to operate and stable.

    5.Integral body designed to eliminated resonance and increase feeding accuracy.



    1.Simply turn the thickness graduation to adjust the required material thickness.

    2.Easily turn the release graduation to adjust the material releasing time base on mold’s pilot pin position.

    3.Simply turn crank shaft’s eccentricity to adjust feeding length.(Also can adjust by using block gauge.)

    4.Easily to adjust gripping force by adjust pneumatic upper plate’s air pressure.

    5.Equip with woolen blanket to clean material surface.

    6.Easy to switch manually pneumatic valve to open grippers while install material.


    -Gearbox, fixed transmission set, transmission shaft were lubricated by oil tank.

    -Other bearings were lubricated by grease.

    8.Can easily cennect press cycle cooling lubrication system to reduce mechanism working temperature.(option)

    9.Can ODM design mult-strip gripping heads to feed different width and thickness material.

  • Model GF-906N GF-1512N
    Max. material width(mm) 0 ~ 90 0 ~ 150
    Material thickness(mm) 0.1 ~ 1.5 0.1 ~ 1.5
    Material line height(mm) 60 ~ 120 60 ~ 120
    Max. feed length(mm) 60 120
    Feeding angle 180°
    Release angle Adjustable
    Feeding mechanism Crank shaft transmission
    Installation position Left side of press
    Feeding direction Left side to right side
    Weight(kg) 188 220